Cartwright Entertainment, Inc. is a Production Company whose mission is to create content that inspires, entertains and enlightens audiences and adds a positive voice to the world.

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Founded in 2001 by Nancy Cartwright, known to the world as the voice of the spikey headed Bart Simpson, the company has produced books, audio books, plays, events, animated series, touring shows, a smart phone application and lectures and speeches.

CEI has partnered with Hyperion Books, Bloomsbury, Blackstone Audio, Random House, Turner, Turner Sports, International Speedway Corporation, Motor Racing Network, Marshall Cordell, The Assembly Rooms at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Animation World Network, The Boys and Girls Club, and Police Activities League Supporters. CEI has also provided services to help Make a Wish Foundation, Women in Animation, YMCA, Boy Scouts of America, various Boys and Girls Clubs, The Valley Economic Alliance, The LA Unified School Districts Migrant Workers program, The Valley Performing Arts Center, The Teen Age Drama Workshop and a myriad of arts and charitable organizations worldwide.

Works include My Life as a 10-Year-Old Boy as a book, audio book and stage play which performed at the Fringe Festival in 2003 and subsequently in the United States and Australia. The animated series for, The Kellys, as well as the spinoff Racescopes. The Smoke Your Tires iPhone application done with International Speedway corporation and In Search of Fellini as a stage production. CEI also produced Fringe Comedy Content for Turner and the audio book series, Stink.

Over a several year period CEI also produced extensive fundraising events for various children’s oriented after-school providers. CEI produced several large scale Denim and Diamond events to raise funds for PALS (Devonshire Police Activities League Supporters) and the West Valley Boys & Girls Clubs. These high-end events raised hundreds of thousands of dollars.

CEI has also provides hundreds of custom gifts and specialty creations to help dozens of charitable and arts organizations to use in auctions and other fundraising functions.

In addition, CEI coordinates the services of Nancy Cartwright as a speaker and lecturer and has put together international appearances and tours in the UK, Australia and the United States most recently helping to bring Nancy Cartwright, to Ohio University in Athens, OH for the 2012 Commencement address to over 14,000 attendees where she also received her honorary doctorate.

We are currently developing three projects: a screenplay for a feature based on the In Search of Fellini quest, an animated prime-time series for television and an online character driven comedy.


Nancy’s achievements as an actor include dozens of credits in television, film and theatre. She is recognized as one of the world’s leading voice-actors, and has received numerous awards and recognitions for her performances.


With more than two decades of entertainment industry experience to draw on, Nancy brings her Emmy-Award winning skills to producing.

Nancy produces under two banners: Cartwright Entertainment, Inc. and SportsBlast, LLC. Cartwright Entertainment produces a wide range of creative projects that support Nancy’s ever expanding career interests. These include audio books, animation projects, documentary works, stage plays, lectures, presentations and innovative, high quality content that supports and expands her career goals.

Community Volunteer

Nancy’s success as a voice-artist, actor and producer, has given her many opportunities to help non-profit and charitable organizations around the world, particulary those concerned with the welfare of children and human rights.

Says Nancy, “I’ve always believed it was important to do the best that I could, whatever I did, and to help others along the way. Also, that we are responsible for each other, our country and the world in which we live, and that each of us can ‘do good’ and make a difference.”


My Life as a 10 Year-Old Boy is filled with humorous anecdotes about Nancy’s life, acting career, The Simspons, fellow cast members and guest stars such as Mel Gibson, Meryl Streep and Elizabeth Taylor.

My Life as a 10-Year Old Boy is a must read for fans, and anyone interested in a real behind the scenes look at the show that re-invented the sitcom.


Cartwright Entertainment, Inc. was founded in 2001 by Nancy Cartwright, known to the world as the voice of spikey headed Bart Simpson, the company has produced books, audio books, plays events, animated series, touring shows, a smart phone application and lectures and speeches.

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